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Shirley Vega

VP | Principal

With nearly two decades of experience in commercial real estate, Shirley Vega has established herself as a leader in the field. Starting her career at Lee Properties in 2000, she honed her skills in property management before transitioning to residential construction as Operations Manager at Lee Construction. Her adept management of design, construction, and sales teams led to the successful completion of numerous projects in the Austin Area. Joining Lee Development & Construction in 2010, Shirley continued to excel, overseeing diverse projects ranging from mixed-use developments to residential endeavors. In 2018, she assumed the role of Vice President of Operations at Pearlstone Partners, where her talent and experience drive the seamless execution of projects. Promoted to Principal in 2022, Shirley remains dedicated to excellence while balancing her career with her roles as a mother and wife. Her commitment to excellence and expertise make her a standout figure in commercial real estate.

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